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Irish Eateries

I’m currently working on an idea I had while playing with Twitter for the Right Hook. I’ve set up an Irish Eateries site. The idea is to automate the whole site. I haven’t managed to do that yet (on which more anon) but as it stands I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve got so far.

If you’re a member of twitter, you can send a text message review or recommendation starting @eateries and it will appear automatically.

If you have a blog, just write your review there and tag it irisheateries.

If you want to email a message, you can send it to Irisheateries email address with irisheateries in the subject line. The Subject line and opening words will appear automatically, and the full review will be posted as soon as its been read.

Also, if you use the irisheateries tag on any photo in flickr, any bookmark in or video on YouTube it should be sucked in too.

So, what are you waiting for? Where have you been recently?

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